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Thumbnet and Thumbsat

This letter was received by club President Joe Gray and is being passed along to members.

Hello Walter,

I hope you don’t mind, but I got your email address with the Marple Newtown ARC through the ARRL website and wanted to reach out to you to see if we could help each other in a small way.

My name is Wade VanLandingham and I manage a non-profit organization called ThumbNet. ( ) To quote part of our own page: ThumbNet was born to encourage students around the world to look up at the stars and to give them a chance to feel that they are part of something larger. The hardware to track and monitor radio signals from satellites in orbit is donated to the schools by ThumbNet, and with over 240 volunteer groups in more than 72 countries, we’re having an immediate and positive effect on the lives of hundreds of students around the globe!

I’m not sure if your club puts out a newsletter to your members around the Lansdowne area, but I know from experience that finding content can sometimes be tricky month after month. I have a small press release about a new receiver for Software Defined Radio (SDR) ( that we developed for ThumbNet, that may interest your members. It may make a nice, small article for you, just in time for Christmas.

ThumbNet’s N3 SDR receiver is unique in its design and it is competitive in cost with the majority of the SDR dongles on Amazon or eBay. We design and produce updates of the receiver to meet the needs of the ThumbNet network, (This is the 3rd generation.) but due to minimum order quantities from the manufacturer, we end up with several hundred more than we need each time we do so. In order to not have thousands of SDR radios laying around, I try to offer them to others that share our education efforts (like Girl Scouts) or simply may have an interest in working with them (like HAM clubs). The small proceeds that remain go right back into the project to support its continued outreach and growth, and not into someone’s retirement fund.

Due to the risk of viruses, I would not send you an attachment to open via email, but your members might like to visit the page here: and to learn more and consider supporting ThumbNet. Reviews are also beginning to appear on various SDR blogs such as .

If this is not appropriate for your club, I apologize for bothering you and wish you the best.

Thanks for your time, Walter.

Wade VanLandingham

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