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Avionics: The January 2017 Program

At our first 2017 club meeting on Thursday January 5, our own longtime club member Jim Goldman, W3JG, will talk about Aviation Electronics, also called “Avionics” for short. Dr. Goldman, a ham since 1971, is a licensed pilot and aviation technician, with 1000+ flight hours in a variety of aircraft types. His presentation will set the historical context of how, since the earliest days of powered flight, electronics have been used both on the ground and in the aircraft for navigation and communications. Then looking at the present and future, he will talk about recent technological changes for aviation, and he’ll touch on how ham radio operators have been, and can be a part of that world.

Homework. Those who are hoping to attend the Avionics presentation may wish to, in advance, read the following two articles, available online through the ARRL web site:

  • QST, December 2016, Page 63 “AirVenture: Planes in the Air, Hams on the Air”
  • QST, June 2013, Page 65 “Field Day Flyover”

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