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Say good morning on the Daily Weather and Information Net!

147.195 PL100 & 442.250 PL131.8 & Echolink K3MN-R or IRLP node.

The Net is on every morning. You do not have to be a member to say Hi!

Net starting time is 8:30AM and usually ends when we run out of check-ins.

Information Net Control Operators: Joe KB3BMI, Bill NA3K, John W3YDC, Mike KB3SUS, Jeff N2AES, Joe N3LMV, Neil W2GTV

MNARC is an official National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration Ambassador

NOAA NEWS: Click here for Collaborative opportunities!

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The Morning Net

Become a Net Control Operator!

The Weather and Information Net is fun to run, no experience is necessary. The operator controls the show. Most operators use an available script, and modify it as they wish. Don’t be shy, give it a try. If you want to try and need guidance, no problem, there is always somebody there to help. Contact KB3SUS Email Mike.