Next meeting is January 3rd "The Club"

Thank you Harold for your service as Vice president and Congratulations to our newly elected Vice President Dick Klein  -----   

The Marple Newtown Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL affiliated club dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of Amateur Radio with the following fundamental principles:


A hand of applause for our 2018 Field Day chairman John Dyckman and all those that helped in the effort, to bring the club in as #1 in the 11 alpha classification.

2018 Field Day Results

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It is time to sign up for 2019 membership. Please download the form print it and either mail it in or give it to Sheila at one of the meetings. 

Click here to download the 2019 membership form

The club uses the W3DI repeaters:147.195 pl 100 -  442.250 pl 131.8


What weather spotters should report!




 Want to try being a Net. Control operator?

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