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Connect to the W3DI repeaters using Echolink node K3MN-R or IRLP node 4760.

Echolink uses the Internet for the Short Haul:

With Echolink software installed on a computer that is connected to the internet, the computer becomes an Echolink node. A node then can connect to another Echolink node which can be located anywhere in the world. As depicted above, the other computer can be, but it does not have to be, connected to a repeater. When it is connected to a repeater, it enables the operator to talk to anyone that would normally be connected through the distant end repeater.

IRLP uses the Internet for the Long Haul :

IRLP is similar to Echolink as it uses the Internet for part of its connection. The difference is that the Internet is used between repeaters, not the local connection between the local operator and the repeater.  Node Status Page

When Echolink is used, an operator uses a microphone to talk into a computer, that connects to the internet. When using IRLP, a radio is used to talk to a repeater, that is attached to a computer, that is connected to the internet.